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Kristen O'Guin
Sexuality and Relationship Coach

Experience more pleasure, peace, and fulfillment in your relationships, and with your sexuality. I work with individuals, couples, and multi-person groups. I also offer workshops and trainings. Find out more below.


Call me for a 15-min phone chat to talk about working together. Reach out for a safe space to grow, heal, and evolve.  


My Offerings

I support people in many ways. 

Please see below for ways I can support you.

Our Services

Liberating Women

I help women move beyond the constraints of societal norms and connect with their authentic sexuality.

Sexual and Gender Minorities

I support individuals, couples, and families in celebrating LGBTQ+ sexualities, and with Ethical Non-monogamy.

Men as

Stellar Lovers

I help men how connect more deeply with their own sexuality and body, and know how to be better lovers to women.


I provide trainings for universities, medical professionals, and various organizations on LGBTQ+ inclusivity. I can also teach medical professionals about working with bodies and matters of sexuality.  


Let me know if you'd like me to teach a group of you and your friends how to have better sex and relationships, or if you'd like to bring a workshop to your place of business. These can happen on Zoom or in person.     

More About My Style 

I support people with all sorts of matters, not just matters of sexuality. I use some traditional approaches, but I also incorporate other approaches to work holistically with people.


“Kristen's workshop was enlightening and empowering.  She is a fantastic teacher - open, honest, and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend her!"

~ M.M.

Ready to nurture this part of you?

Perhaps you need someone to talk to about sexuality.  Or perhaps you are already in a good place sexually and ready to take it to the next level.  Or perhaps you want to know how to better support someone in your life who is queer or transgender.  Whatever brought you here, I'm so glad you found me.  

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