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More About My Style

Oftentimes people come to me for matters of sexuality, but I support people with all sorts of life matters. It's all connected, and I work with people holistically.


Relatedly, once you have major shifts related to your sexuality, the effects will ripple out into all areas of your life.

A fair amount of what happens in a session is what you might think of as talk therapy, with me asking questions, providing insight, encouragement, perhaps lightly challenging folks as needed, etc. When I ask questions, oftentimes it's to help you go deeper into yourself.


But also I incorporate other channels of growth and healing such as utilizing the breath and working with the body. And depending on the individual client, I might also use meditation, mindfulness, or other non-talk approaches. I also will provide light homework as needed, if the client has time and desire for it, share resources, etc.

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