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Men as Stellar Lovers

Sexuality is an art and there is always more you can learn. I love helping men connect more deeply with themselves, and feel more empowered sexually. 

Men are not supported in being vulnerable in our culture, and often feel like they have no one to talk to. Until they find me. Many men feel insecure about certain aspects of their sexuality, or have questions or doubts, and I am happy to help you explore these topics and find more peace and understanding about these parts of yourself.


I also love helping men better understand how to be stellar lovers to women.  People in our society are taught by movies and porn to have really bad sex. But I've found that many men actually really want to please women sexually. Whether you are inexperienced or already a good lover, I can help you go to your next level.  

If you want to explore your own sexuality, or care about being an amazing lover to women, work with me! We can work one-on-one, or check out my "Stellar Lover" workshop for men's groups or all-gender groups on my "Workshops" page

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