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I can provide in-person trainings, live webinars, and pre-recorded webinars for businesses, medical professionals, colleges and universities, and other organizations.  

One major focus of my trainings is on LGBTQ+ matters. I can do trainings on foundational LGBTQ+ information or hone in on specific topics within the umbrella.  I am passionate about helping people better understand gender and how to better understand the needs and experiences of transgender and non-binary individuals. 


Some examples of my trainings are ~

Gender: A Complex Topic in Modern Society

Explores concepts such as gender, sex, intersex matters, and how to better support transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals.


An Introduction to lgbTqia Education

Covers information on basic LGBTQ+ matters and focuses on needs of transgender and non-binary individuals.

How Medical Professionals Can Support Transgender Patients

Information about how doctors and other medical professionals can create a safe, affirming space for transgender and non-binary patients.

​Another focus of my trainings is in helping medical professionals better understand how to work with bodies and sexuality. Medical professionals might be surprised, and saddened, to know that sometimes patients have experiences with doctors and others where they come away feeling uncomfortable or even violated. This is true especially for cisgender women, some queer folks, and for people of all genders who are trans and non-binary.  Patients can have trauma that is triggered by well-meaning doctors. There are simple things medical professionals can do to help create a safe environment for all their patients.

The cost varies depending on length and type of training. Also, the cost is more flexible for non-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Please contact me for details. I look forward to working with you!

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