BIPOC and Trans Women

I offer free sessions to Women of Color and trans women.  

Also, any woman or trans/non-binary person can ask me about a complimentary session if your financial situation is dire.

If you are a woman who is Black, Indigenous, or another woman of color, I am happy to offer you complimentary sessions.  I want to support you, and also I recognize that I benefit from white privilege, and giving complimentary sessions is something small I can do to move in the direction of trying to help balance out a massive imbalance. 


I do recommend that you consider working with a sexuality coach of color or therapist of color instead of me since they can offer you expertise in certain areas where I cannot, and to support BIPOC-owned businesses.  I can help you find someone if you need.


If you do want to work with me, though, and would like to receive one complimentary session or many, I am happy to support you in that way.  Please let me know if you would like this.  Of course I am also happy to receive compensation if you would prefer that.  

In a similar vein, I am happy to support trans women.  (I am not cis myself, but I do benefit from cis privilege.)  I am glad to give trans women one complimentary session.  I also understand that for trans women it can be difficult to find employment because of transphobia, and I do not want a lack of income to keep you from getting the support you need.  So if you need more complimentary sessions because of lack of income, please talk with me about this.

If for any reason I'm not able to accommodate you for ongoing sessions, I can always do at least one session, and I will put your name next on my list for when I can accommodate the next complimentary client.  Generally I am able to accommodate everyone. 



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