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BIPOC and Trans Women

I offer free and discounted sessions to Black women, Hawaiian women, and transgender women. I am also open to gifting a complimentary session or discussing discounted rates for any woman who has experienced major oppression from white supremacy. Also, any woman or trans/non-binary person can ask me about a complimentary session if your financial situation is dire.

If you are a woman who is Black or Hawaiian, I am happy to gift you a complimentary session. I want to support you, and also I recognize that I benefit from unfair power imbalances related to concepts such as race and US citizenship. I believe in reparations for African Americans who would like that.  Also, since I live in the Hawaiian islands, I am happy to give back to the Hawaiians. Giving a complimentary session is something small I can do to move in the direction of trying to help balance out massive imbalances. Please ask me about this if you are interested.

I also am happy to give African-American women a 15% Reparations Discount on the cost for sessions, and to give Hawaiian women a 15% discount on sessions to give back to the people of this land. Please let me know if you would like this. 


I want to mention, I offer this because we are all in this together. I worked through my "white guilt" a long time ago and I don't think it's healthy for people to do things from that place. Also, of course I am also happy to receive full compensation if you would prefer that. I understand not all African-Americans believe in reparations, or many simply are not interested in them for themselves. My intention is to support people in the way that feels right for them.

I am also happy to support transgender women. (I am not cisgender myself, but I do benefit from cis privilege.) I am glad to give trans women a complimentary session. I also understand that for trans women it can be difficult to find employment because of transphobia, so if you are prevented from making income due to transphobia and need discounted sessions with me, please feel free to talk with me about this as well.


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