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About Me

My Path

At the age of 19, I realized that I was disconnected from my body and my sexuality, and commenced a journey of coming into wholeness with these parts of myself.  At 21, I really became a student of sexuality, and continued to work more on my own sexual healing. 


I lived in the jungle of Hawai'i for 13+ years on the active volcano, Kīlauea, where I healed deeply.  I began having consistently amazing, mind-blowing, and nourishing sexual and sensual experiences.  I then dove into my sexuality path as a teacher, supporting others in empowering themselves in this realm. 


While living there, I was also an elementary school teacher for ten years at an alternative public school that I helped to create, as well as working with children in other capacities.  I also did a lot of work with teens, mentoring youth in a therapeutic program and spearheading events for teens in my community.  I lived off the grid the entire time I was there, on solar power, and a bit of hydro, collecting rainwater, living off the land as much as possible, and in other ways living in harmony with the earth.  I humbly learned about Aloha from the Hawaiian people and from the 'aina (land).  I support Hawaiian Sovereignty. 

I have had various teachers regarding different aspects of sexuality, including learning sexual meditation practices, studying Taoist teachings of sexual health, learning about Tantra (which is actually not all about sex ;) ), learning about various other aspects of sexuality, and I have learned a great deal from the wisdom of my body.  I have been supporting others in the realm of Sexuality since 2005.  In late 2017, I moved from Hawai'i to Philadelphia to obtain my Master of Education in Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University.  I graduated in 2019.

I am anti-racist, against fat-phobia, and against all forms of oppression.  I understand the nature of intersectionality.  I do my best to be able to see individuals and situations through a culturally-aware lens.  I am happily queer and non-binary.

I have a partner who is a wonderful human and a beautiful man. 

Since I went from being disconnected from my sexuality and my body to having very pleasurable and holistically fulfilling, mind-blowing sensual experiences, I love helping others do the same.

If you'd like more detailed info about my work, check out my LinkedIn profile here.

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